• We help you turn knowledge into audio courses.

    ✓ All you need to teach is your voice.


    ✓ Guide you throughout the course creation process.


    ✓ Test and fund your ideas before you teach.


    ✓ Launch a course in 10 minutes.


    ✓ Reach millions of audio learners.


    ✓ Own your own content.


    ✓ Keep 90% of your revenue minus processing fees.


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    The AVID team helped me transition from a podcaster to a course creator.
    Video courses seemed very time consuming and it was a no-brainer for me
    to create an audio course this way!"

    Alex Chisnall

    Host of Screw It, Let's Do it - the UK's No.1 Business Podcast
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    Whether you're an online teaching newbie, or an experienced creator interested in offering your community something new, we make it super easy to create inspirational audio courses.

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    AVID’s presell feature makes it really easy for us to test out course ideas before
    doing a lot of upfront work . . . It’s brilliant!”

    Tim Pilleri & Lance Reenstierna

    Hosts of Missing Maura Murray and Crawlspace podcasts, with over 50 million downloads
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    "AVID provided us with a new avenue to deliver our content.
    Their platform is user-friendly, and their team helped us get up and running quickly!"

    Dr Becky Gillaspy

    Host of two YouTube channels with a combined 510k subscribers
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  • The future of learning is audio

    Build your learning business in a booming market.

    In the US alone over 22 million more people are listening to spoken word audio every day than in 2014. In China more people use audio for online learning than video. That’s a vast and growing audience!
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    It's a better way to teach.

    Audio is flexible, direct and accessible. It fosters intimacy and enhances knowledge retention.

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    Audio reaches people video can’t.

    80% percent of audio consumption happens in places video can’t reach. Audio allows us all to learn while cooking, when out running or in the car.

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    With AVID, it’s easy!

    No awkward camera angles, no equipment other than your phone, no technical difficulties. It’s typically 5 times faster to create audio content than video content.

  • Got some questions? We've got loads 

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