Why Youtubers should create an audio course

Need a little break from the lights, camera, action?

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Almost everyone's in Youtube one way or another. For your podcasters out there, it's also a good indirect tactic for monetization.

Sometimes there are things you'd like to talk about that don't serve best on video.

It could be that you're looking for a little break from doing your makeup & fixing up lighting. Or you’re looking for an opportunity to go more in-depth on a topic.

Your fans can love you, but a one hour video explainer on a certain topic may not sit well for you or your fans.

You don’t have all day to upload a video file. Youtube monetization for podcasters isn’t a sustainable option.

We got a new avenue for you to explore, and that's audio courses.

Why should Youtube influencers create an audio course?

  1. Youtube monetization isn’t enough.
  2. It’s not about how you look but what you know.
  3. It leaves room for longer, more in-depth content.
  4. It’s easy to know what to create.
  5. Say bye to big files on Final Cut or annoying computer crashes.
  6. You should have a presence on all content mediums.

Youtube monetization isn’t enough

In case your podcast isn’t on Youtube already: On average, your payout is $7.60 dollars per thousand views on an ad.

What’s even worse is that there’s a 45/55 split between YouTube advertising on your videos and you get the remaining 55%. That's crazy little!

That’s why having an audio course is a more reliable stream of revenue for your podcast. You're controlling your pricing, not a brand. Not to mention, there are no ads that come up for your listeners - so win-win!

It’s not about how you look but what you know

Sometimes the visual takes away from the content itself.

If you’re filming yourself when recording your podcast, you’re still thinking about how you look. If you choose audio courses as your form of monetizing your audio content, your brain can shine. You can show people a new (and smarter) side of you.

Are you worried that it's not "on brand"? That's valid. But remember, it'll benefit your listeners to go in-depth on your most valuable content.

Studies show that you can tune into audio content for 30+ mins at a time compared to video, which is only about 5-7 mins!

For instance, when comparing podcasts vs video, I tune in more with podcasts. Some might say, “how can you learn if you’re listening while doing something else?” Yet, it’s stuff from audio content my brain can recall the best.

In short - if you want your listeners to absorb what you’re telling them, a Youtube video is not the way to go. If they’ve discovered you on Youtube, they might not understand how good your pure audio content is.

It leaves room for longer, more in-depth content

Remember the James Charles vs Tati Westbrook drama? If you’ve invested two hours of my life, raise your hand 🙋‍♀️

The drama was pretty freaking juicy and it might have been a one off. Still, not everyone has time to sit in front of their laptop or phone for that long.

For the sake of your viewers with busy lives, don’t leave them hanging! Audio courses are a great medium for you to go more in-depth and ramble for how long you like. Forget worrying if your video file is too big (or if your podcast is getting to “all about one specific topic”).

Because let's be real, an hour-long Youtube video takes you the whole night to upload. No thanks 👋

An hour or more of audio? that's the norm, as you’ve seen with your podcast! An audio course is the perfect solution to going more in-depth without the hassle of video.

It’s easy to know what to create

What's one podcast episode that had the highest engagement on Youtube? Go in-depth on that topic.

There’s this one podcast episode about “Loving Yourself” that my favorite podcaster. I wanted her to go in-depth on it but when she did, I didn't see it. The episode was beneath her other episodes and it didn’t go as deep as I thought it would.

That’s why with audio courses, you’ll have the opportunity to structure and expound on topics. All this without having the information all scattered in your show lineup.

You can create once, earn forever with audio courses. Any updates? You could always update your same course! No need to upload a whole new podcast episode that'll get lost.

Say bye to big files on Final Cut or annoying computer crashes

Editing videos takes time. Time, you could use to think of new content, planning your trip to the Rockies, or cuddling your dog.

Long video content is even more of a hassle, not to mention upload times. Somehow a five-minute video takes 30 minutes to upload and I don't understand why...

As you know, creating audio content is a much simpler process. The files aren't as heavy either!

You should have a presence on all mediums

People love consuming content in different ways. Whether that be video, audio, and writing. By having an audio course, you cater to your fans who already love audio as a medium.

Not to mention, you need to have a monetization plan across these platforms. If you don’t like relying on ads or sponsorships, how are you going to monetize?

Youtube is a good short-term solution but think of other ways to monetize your podcast. It's tricky but you know you have to account for it.

Information products are great avenues to explore for monetization. Since your audience already likes consuming through audio, make an audio course!

If I can leave you with one thing…

Audio courses are a great way for Youtube influencers to create more in-depth content.

We all know you can ramble on and on with audio content (like how I did with the audio version of this blog post). But Youtube isn’t the place to monetize your audio content.

Consider having an information product like audio courses for a side hustle! Who knows? You might even reach a new audience, ready and willing to learn about your topic, I hope this was helpful and ta-ta!